(Sharon Bajer in Rifting/Blue, a film by Shelagh Carter)
headshot (Kevin McIntyre Photography)

Sharon is a Winnipeg based actress who regularly crosses the medium between film and theatre. She has appeared in many made-in-Manitoba film and television productions including most recently; Love Strikes Twice, Orphan: First Kill, Run, Nobody, Project Christmas Wish, Wynter, Escaping a Madhouse; The Nellie Bly Story, Burden of Truth, Follow Me to Daisy Hills and Forever Christmas. Sharon is at the forefront of bringing the role of Intimacy Coordinator (IC) to all sets in Manitoba.

Sharon Bajer IC Resume
headshot (from Wintertide, a film by John Bernard)

“My philosophy as an Intimacy Coordinator is to help create an environment that encourages creativity through care, communication and consent in scenes involving simulated sex, nudity, sexual violence and hyper exposed material in film and television. I work as an advocate for actors, a support for directors and the go to person on set for all departments, coordinating the specific needs of intimate scenes.”

headshot (Sharon with Kheon Clark on the set of Skymed)

The role of an Intimacy Coordinator is still a relatively new one in Canada. Sharon began her training with Intimacy Directors International (now IDC - Intimacy Directors and Coordinators) in the United States in 2018 and continued to train through Intimacy Coordinators Canada. She has worked steadily as an Intimacy Coordinator in 2020/21 on such projects as The Porter (series), Skymed (series), Esther (film), and Wintertide (film). Sharon is currently the only Intimacy Coordinator in Manitoba, Canada.

"Working with Sharon was a dream! I felt supported at all times, knowing she was close by and always looking out for me. She helped create a space for me to safely play, explore and breathe." - Niamh Carolan, Wintertide

"Sharon made the experience of being intimate on camera a whole lot less terrifying." - Kheon Clark, Skymed

Check out this CBC article on how "Manitoba's only intimacy co-ordinator helps actors safely navigate 'dangerous work' of sexual scenes"! Check out this article about celebrities who spoke out in support of intimacy coordinators! Check out this amazing new series I worked on as an IC shot in Winnipeg! SHARON IS CERTIFIED WITH INTIMACY DIRECTORS AND COORDINATORS
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